I had my first few pairing sessions this week. I honestly enjoyed it because having the knowledge of another person really made things quick. My pairing partner knew things I didnt know and vice versa. The outline of a pairing session, where we had to introduce each other, be on the same page in terms of the objective to acomplish during the pairing and the use of stypi really helped. Problems seems to be solved a lot quicker while pairing. My mind didn’t have time to wonder off to do other things.

I found pairing really fun and rewarding. I think I can acomplish a lot more if I were just pairing all the time! However, I find myself socially awkward, so the introductions in the beginning really throws me off. I need to spend some time and practice to warm up the situation better and help my pairing partner become more comfortable.

I wish I immediately wrote feedback after the pairing session. Because honestly, I forget the details after setting of for a few days. The hardest part about giving feedback is to make it something meaningful. I always tend to say that I enjoyed the overall pairing experience, but I wouldn’t know what kind of actionable feedback to give to the person. Once in a while I give some reading resources to my pairing partner.