Believing that there’s some big life defining moment that’s just over the horizon is a common lie people believe in.

Who you’re going to be in life is the accumulation of small choices and built up habits rather than something that happens in a big jump when you graduate college or get your first “real” job or whatever.

The choices and habits you make is what will define you. If you have a vision of who you want to be, the small pivots and corrections in life’s trajectory are the things that keep you on track. So its time to ask yourself:

Are we purposefully spending time on the things that will define us or are we just wasting all this precious time away?

You owe it to yourself to review how you spend your time. Start here:

  1. Log where you spend your time daily for a week.
  2. Identify your habits, time drainers, and triggers that lead to unwanted things.
  3. Review and ask “if this will bring me closer to my goals?”
  4. Make changes and commit to sticking with it.
  5. Track your success (or failures) and use it to re-adjust the following week. Pro TIP - use the X-Effect.

Find the triggers that lead to bad choices, deal with it and start making better choices. Here’s some examples of what I’ve done personally:

Life is short, so don’t waste it!

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