There is a great satisfaction in being able to create things that your mind desires. The entrepreneur mindset is all about creating solutions. However identifying a solution involves multiple re-iterations of an idea until you get it right! Creating an MVP, the minimal viable product, is probably the most important step.

Prior to DBC, I’ve always relied on hiring developers to build my ideas. This is a long process of finding funding from angel investors, UI/UX designers, office space, before even getting to the programmer. It’s a costly and flawed approach because at the end of the day, the problem I wanted to solve might not even be worth solving. This risky approach simply stopped me from “trying”.

The most valuable skill coming out from Dev Bootcamp is the ability to build an MVP, rapidly! 9 weeks is not going to replace the need of hiring full time senior developers on a project. However, I now have the basic skill set to validate my ideas. Too see if there is a demand for a solution and test for traction. To show the investors/angels/funders that there is an idea worth putting money into because there is data to back it up. Traction and validation is the most important thing to getting an investment. Now I dont have to roll the dice as often.

Founder should know how to code. They should be able to quickly make changes in products based on the customer feedback loop. Approach product development through Agile methodologies. If you want to get there quickly, join a coding bootcamp!

After the final week of Dev Bootcamp, I gained the confidence to build an MVP in a short period of time. Our final project took 5 days to build! In the past it might have taken me 3 months just to get funding!