Hi, I’m Ronald Ishak, but you can call me Ron! I’m a tech-entrepreneur/developer currently living in San Francisco but originally from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I’m commonly known for being the founder of Domikado (which was acquired in early 2014), a technology holding company that has launched several web properties in Indonesia such as Domikado Finance (Mobile Stock Market Trading), Satutempat.com (online C2C marketplace), invoice.co.id (online invoicing), Domikado WiFi (Free WiFi deployment throughout Jakarta) and most recently Domikado CDN. Domikado is the official live streaming parter for the 2014 Brazil World Cup for the Indonesian Market!

I’ve launched several smaller startups such as Tasterous, a location based dish finding app for the Indonesian Market available on BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. I do everything from project management planning, UI/UX design, product design, reading up on new development tools and technology, and also scouting for new talent.

Right now I am going through Dev Bootcamp, an 18 week intensive full-stack web development training that goes on for 13 hours a day and 6 days a week! I’m fluent with HTML and CSS, Ruby, Javascript, AWS, Scala, and Node.js.

People often ask me why be a Developer once you’re already an entrepreneur! Truthfully I love the challenge, experience and doing hard things to keep my mind sharp. I believe that ground-breaking web applications can only be created through deep understanding of the underlying technology. You can’t find answers only observing problems. You have to understand the tools to solve the problems first! Keep building, keep breaking, keep launching.