I havent updated my blog since late 2014, so this post is a catchup to where I am today in 2016!

Late in 2014 I joined a company in Jakarta named Giftcard Indonesia as their first CTO! I had a wonderful experience setting up their team, building out their architecture and implementing a development culture that was both productive and culturally fitting for Indonesia. The best part of this experience was the ability to hire developers that I got to learn from. I learned how to accurately determine release cycles using Pivotal Tracker.

I left Giftcard Indonesia in the middle of 2015, but stayed on as an advisor. I still attend their board meetings and I am so excited to see that the work I built is being used in the real world! The company is doing really well! When I joined, there were only 8 employees, but today there is already 80 people in the team!

I formed an Angel Investment group called RMKB Ventures alongside my trusted friends. We have since invested in Giftcard Indonesia, Printerous, Echelon Prep, and Urbanhire. We also launched an incubation development company alongside Sovereigns Capital called Rebelworks.

In October, with the help of many people, we organized a global hackathon (in 12 cities around the world) called Code for the Kingdom. I became the lead for the Jakarta, Indonesia hackathon. This was my first experience with setting up a weekend hackathon. We had about 80 people show up, and 10 different projects that competed in a global scale. Ironically my project, Alexa Bible, won the Global People’s Choice Award! We never got to release the app cause of licencing issues.

This is the A-Bible, a voice activated Bible for the blind and elderly. My team built this at Code for the Kingdom, coming soon to the Amazon Appstore! #peopleschoiceaward #winner #c4tk #amazonecho

Posted by Ronald Ishak on Sunday, October 4, 2015

In 2016, I will be launching my own startup, something I haven’t done since Domikado! Really looking forward to that!