• Small Choices and Built Up Habbits

    Believing that there’s some big life defining moment that’s just over the horizon is a common lie people believe in.

  • Building New Habits using the X-Effect

    Every new year we set out to have a “New Year Resolution”. I always start a grand idea and end up losing track by the first week. Yikes! But one thing that has worked for me is a method called theXeffect!

  • 2015 Year in Review

    I havent updated my blog since late 2014, so this post is a catchup to where I am today in 2016!

  • Dev Bootcamp From An Entrepreneur's Perspective

    There is a great satisfaction in being able to create things that your mind desires. The entrepreneur mindset is all about creating solutions. However identifying a solution involves multiple re-iterations of an idea until you get it right! Creating an MVP, the minimal viable product, is probably the most important step.

  • Up and Running with Jekyll

    My dillema when creating this blog for DBC is that I wanted a consistent layout. I wanted things re-usable. Unfortunately, because github.io only allowed me to use html pages, I always had to make a copy of my template and make changes directly in the HTML.

  • SQL Injection Vulnerability

    SQL Injection is a web app risk. This is because its really easy to do. Websites that run on a SQL database and is written poorly is succeptable to SQL Injection.

  • Legos and Object Oriented Design

    Object Oriented Programing is a programming methodology that breaks down replicatable code into classes so it can be re-used or built on top of. But why is it better than procedural programming?

  • Object Oriented Programming with Classes

    The beauty of object oriented design comes from the ability to build more efficient code that can be re-used. When new objects are created, they start at an empty state. When objects are built through classes, they can have pre-defined characteristics. We’re going to look at how classes are written using instance variables and instance methods.

  • Net Neutrality

    When the Internet was founded, it was almost an unwritten rule that the internet should be an open and endless source of information. Once the popularity of the internet took off, governments around the world wanted control. People who owned data pipes began making rules discriminating packets.

  • Enumerable#map Method in Ruby

    Enumerables is a Ruby Module that contains a collection of abilities to do search and sort on a block or array. You can do things like group by, find, reject and sort among other things. Today we’re going to take a look at Enumerable#map

  • Thoughts on Pairing

    I had my first few pairing sessions this week. I honestly enjoyed it because having the knowledge of another person really made things quick. My pairing partner knew things I didnt know and vice versa. The outline of a pairing session, where we had to introduce each other, be on the same page in terms of the objective to acomplish during the pairing and the use of stypi really helped. Problems seems to be solved a lot quicker while pairing. My mind didn’t have time to wonder off to do other things.

  • Why JavaScript is Popular in Web Development

    Javascript’s growth in popularity in the past 5 years has been groundbreaking. But it’s roots can be pin pointed to a few pivotal moments that changed the way it’s adopted in today’s web.

  • Margins Borders and Paddings

    Margins, borders and padding is a definition in typography, an art and technique of arranging type in order to make the language it forms most appealing to transparent learning and recognition.